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So you want to know about the E-M-F Automobile? Well, you have found the only site I know of dedicated to the E-M-F "30".

I bought a 1912 E-M-F Model 30 Demi Tonneau in June of 2000 and had a very difficult time finding any information about the car. Well hopefully this site will alleviate this problem for future E-M-F owners.

EMF Registry Link
On this site you will find information about the History of the E-M-F Company, and it's involvement with the Studebaker Company. You will find an "E-M-F Spotters Guide" written by William Cuthbert which can help identify the year and body style E-M-F you have. If you are looking for Technical Information on the E-M-F, like horsepower, serial numbers, wheel size, body styles etc, you may want to check out this link. The E-M-F "30" was used in racing and information can be found on the Racing information page. You can also find E-M-F Automobile and Factory photographs and artist's renditions in the E-M-F Photo Archive and some early advertisements and E-M-F "30" owners manuals on the Documentation and Adds page. If you are looking for Glidden Tour Pathfinder Postcard information, You can find it right here.

Here is information about the E-M-F Registry, including archived issues of the award winning newsletter "The Hyphens", which can be found on the Hyphens Archive Page.

You can also follow my progress as I undertake the Restoration of my 1912 Studebaker E-M-F Model 30 Demi Tonneau.

Please tell others about the "E-M-F Homepage", and come back often. I am adding things as I get them. Thanks for visiting!!!

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