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This page contains technical information for the E-M-F "30". Most of the information is presented in the following table, but some is presented on a separate page for expanded clarity. Please let me know if you find any mistakes in the following data so that I can correct it.

If you have information that is not included here, please send it to me so that I may included it.

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1909 - 1912 E-M-F "30" Technical Information
Item 1909 1910 1911 1912
Body Styles
  • 5 passenger Touring
  • Demi Tonneau
  • Roadster - Single or Double Rumble
  • Runabout
  • 5 passenger Touring
  • Demi Tonneau
  • Roadster
  • 5 passenger Touring
  • Coupe
  • Demi Tonneau
  • Open Touring
  • Roadster
  • 5 passenger Touring
  • Demi Tonneau
  • Roadster
  • Coupe
Bore x Stroke
4 x 4.5
Clutch Improved expanding-ring type. Leather faced. Contained in flywheel.
Cone Clutch
ColorRed Body Dark Blue, Yellow running gear striped in black. Dark Blue Body with gray striping and wheels, black frame and fenders.
Cooling "Thermo-syphon with belt driven stamped-steel fan" till approximately December 1908 , then by a "Large centrifugal water pump", gear driven off the crankshaft and also connecting to the magneto. "Large centrifugal water pump", gear driven off the crankshaft and also connecting to the magneto.
Factory US production was out of the E-M-F Plant in Detroit on Piquette Street and in a factory in Port Huron. E-M-F's were also produced in Canada at the Walkkerville Ontario. See the E-M-F Factory Photo Archive for more more information.
All engines 30 HP
Lights - Cowl E & J - 3 tier oil lights. Some lights had a rim around the round lense on the front of the lamp. Some did not.
Lights - Head
E & J Model ??? Gas light.
E & J Model 577 Gas Lights (the largest Headlight E & J Made).
Lights - Tail E & J two tier oil light with Clear, Red and Green/Blue lenses (Same as E&J taillight on period Ford Model T's).
Production numbers
7,960 cars
15,020 cars
26,827 cars
28,032 cars
Serial Numbers
CLICK HERE to go to serial number page
All cars were striped in variaous colors depending on year and body style. I do not believe that anyone can say that any one striping pattern is correct because all cars where hand striped. I see differenced between the two cars I have. I am documenting the original striping I have left on my car as I restore it. CLICK here to go to the Striping Diagram page.
Tire Size
32 X 3 1/2
34 X 3 1/2
32 X 3 1/2
32 X 3 1/2
Tread Size
56" for standard tread, 60" for Southern Wide Track
Valve - Head Size
2 1/8"
Valve - Push Rod clearance
Instruction manual says .003 for intake and .004 for exhaust, but an E-M-F owner told me he used .004 on both
Wheel base
Wiring Diagram
CLICK HERE for wiring diagram from Wayne Simoni

CLICK HERE for wiring diagram from the 1912 Information Manual.

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