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This page contains listings of E-M-F, Flanders and Everitt cars and parts for sale and wanted. Why am I doing this? I am just trying to help cars get to those who will appreciate them, and help people find parts to get their cars back on the road. That, and I hope to find parts myself through this.

I will only take adds for E-M-F, Flanders and Everitt Cars and parts. I will not list Studebaker (unless it is Studebaker E-M-F i.e. 1911 or 1912) etc. I will list non-E-M-F items if they relate to the E-M-F, like Splitdorf ignition parts, or E & J Lights, if they are correct for the E-M-F. I reserve the right to reject any add for any reason at any time (Hey it's free, what do you expect!). I also reserve the right to purchase any part before listing it. I call this a "Fringe Benefit" for maintaining this page.

If you have some E-M-F Parts that you would like to SELL, I will place them here for no charge if you provide the following information for the For Sale Add:

  • You Name (Required)
  • Your Phone Number including Area code (Required)
  • Detailed description of the part or car (Required)
  • Price you are hoping to get for the Part or Car in U.S. Dollars. (Required)
  • Picture (of car) that will be added to the E-M-F Photo archive with a link to it from the add.
  • Email address (Highly recommended)

Please remember that I have to code all these things into the page, so please do not send me a list of 100 items, because that would take me forever to add in. You must also agree to notify me when the car or part is no longer for sale, so I can remove the link.

The ad will remain active for 1 year from the last contact I have with you. I will send out emails before the printing of "The Hyphens" to verify content of the ad is still valid. If I do not hear back, the add will automatically be removed. If a response is recieved, then the expiration date is extended another year from the contact.

If you are looking for E-M-F Parts, let me know what you are looking for and I will add that to the page. Please send me the following information for the Wanted Add:

  • You Name (Required)
  • Your Phone Number including Area code (Required)
  • Detailed description of the part or car you are looking for.(Required)
  • Email address (Highly recommended)

You can send the info to my email address listed below.


John M. Daly
NOTE: John M. Daly, the Family of John M. Daly, the pets of John M. Daly or the property of John M. Daly are not responsible for the quality of parts bought/sold/bartered etc. as a result of this site. I am also not responsible for any mis-dealing that may occur. I am not responsible for the weather outside while using a car or parts bought through an add on this page. I am responsible for all the spelling mistakes on this page, because I am a horrid typist and speller. I am not responsible..... You get the idea.

Also, Be aware that information posted here is obviously visible on the World Wide Web. All information posted here may be visible to search engines like Google or Yahoo. Post at your own risk.

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Parts For Sale

Posted 10/14/14
I have a restorable 1910-12 EMF front axle with spindles, drag link( bent) and the cross that attaches to the pitman arm on the steering box. I have it crated and would like to receive $200 for the parts with the buyer paying the freight.

CLICK HERE for Full view of Axle picture
CLICK HERE for Left side spindle picture

Jim Warjone

Phone: (206) 295-0629

Posted 07/29/15
Rear Wheel Hub Pullers custom made for the E-M-F ( and other cars).


Phone: 308-586-1930

Parts Wanted

Posted 09/21/15
I am researching the 1911 LA Times Lakeside Reliability Tour on behalf of someone interested in obtaining the emblem/trophy awarded to those completed the tour, or a photograph of the same. An E-M-F was one of the automobiles that completed the tour.

We've reached out to most of the automotive archives on the West Coast as well as some museums. The person I'm working for almost bought one of these about 15 years ago, and now really wants to find something, even if it's only a photo. Any info you may have would help us in our quest.

Mary Mallory

Phone: (818) 752-2950

Posted 09/24/15
Looking for 2 rear outer roller bearings & sleeves for E-M-F Trans-axle. Also looking for 2 side lamp brackets that bolt to the firewall.

John or Siobhan Malone

Posted 11/01/15
Need two Cylinder Jugs for the E-M-F Engine. Any leads greatly appreciated.

Joe Swann

Phone: 717-968-4717

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