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Car Club Links

Horseless Carriage Club of America - The premier brass era car club. Club magazine is the "Horseless Carriage Gazette". Good technical forum on this site for brass era car questions.
Antique Car Club of America - More good car discussion groups for the older cars.
Southeast Iowa Antique Car Club (SIACC)- This is the webpage for the club I have been involved with since birth. This website has a nice photo gallery, and some "Auto-Biographies" with more detailed information about some of the clubs cars. You can read about my 1920 Model T Centerdoor Sedan here.

Studebaker Links

The Antique Studebaker Club - There is a lot of good Studebaker stuff on this page. Club information, photos and history. A great place to start for the Studebaker fanatic.

The Antique Studebaker Club web site by Doc Hemp

Studebaker Drivers Club

Unofficial Studebaker Drivers Club Homepage

Studebaker Museum Web Site - Studebaker Museum in South Bend Indiana. This museum will do technical research in their archive for a fee.

Studebaker History - A Studebaker fan site. Well worth some time spent on this site.

Parts and Service Supplier Links

AutoColorLibrary Web Site - a free reference site containing thousands of original paint manufacturers color chip cards and standards that date back to the pre-1920's. The site contains the webs only color search engine designed to quickly display color chip cards, factory paint codes and paint specifications for most domestic and imported automobiles

Big Flats Rivet Co. - Specializing in original style rivets for the antique car hobby for over 20 years.

The Brassworks - Radiators - If you need radiators, these guys may be able to help. I have a Brassworks Radiator on my Model T and I plan to check into their services for help with the E-M-F. This link will give contact information.

Calimer's Wheel Shop - Here is a source for having your wood wheels redone. I have not personally used them, but I have talked with several people who have and they have highly recommended them. Here is additional address information:
30 East North St.,
Waynesboro, PA 17268 USA
Phone-717-762-5056, FAX 717-762-5021

Classic Autopart Reproduction Service (CARS) - Check out this site for lots of great brass era car parts. They are making new parts and restoring brass items. They also have a great car photo archive. This is a fellow E-M-F Owner.

Classy Chassy - a site with period accurate clothing of the early 1900's. This is owned by fellow E-M-F owners Tom and Dawna Ruggles. I have seen several of the items that they sell and they are high quality. I plan to place an order myself if I should ever finish my E-M-F and be able to drive it.

Coker Tire Web Site - Tires are still available for the earlier cars. Here is a place to start looking. They are even making Stanweld Demountable rims and possibly even fellow bands.

Custom Antique Hub Pullers - Need a hub puller for the rear wheels on your E-M-F? George will make one for you. He has made them for many cars, including the E-M-F. Check out his website.

Egge Obsolete Engine Parts - If you need Pistons for your E-M-F, or other car, these guys may have them. I know that the paper catalogue I have shows them. I could not find them online. Call and ask.

Hemmings Motor news Web Site - If you are looking to buy or sell, Hemmings is a good place to start.

Johnson's Wood Wheels INC - Here is another source for having your wheels re-wooded. Here is some additional address information:
RT 4 Box 113
Ardmore, OK 73401

Kwik Poly Web Site - The product of 1000 use's. I have used this product on my Model T to restore some of the soft wood and to seal all the wood. This is great stuff.

Lancaster Glass - This company manufactures "Mangin Mirrors", like the mirrored reflector lenses used in antique automobile headlights, namely, the E & J 577 Headlamp on my E-M-F. These mirrors may be a suitable replacement. I have not used them, but I plan to check them out when I need them for my lights. From their homepage, select "Product Information->Specialty/Techinical Glass", then at the bottom of that page, in the "Reflector" section, there is a link for "Mangin Mirror".

Muggy Weld - If you need to weld cast iron or fix a broken aluminum part, the welding and soldering rods from these guys may be able to help. I have not personally used these products, but I have heard from people who have used the cast iron rod to fix a Model T block, and that person was very happy with the product. Check them out.

POR-15 Paint Website - If you need paint that will stop rust and stay put, check this stuff out. Unbelievable, but I have used it and it is great stuff.

Restoration Supply Company - Authentic, hard to find restoration supplies and accessories for the antique automobile and marine enthusiast. "The Right Stuff!"

S.I.R. Webbing, Inc. - There is some cotton straps between the body and the frame and between the tonneau and the body on my E-M-F. I plan to order new straps, or webbing from this place. It is the only place I have been able to find.

Speedometer Repair Service - If you need a speedometer or need to have one repaired, this is the place to start. I have not had any work done here yet, but these guys have been extremely helpful in locating information for my Rauch & Lang Speedometer (or possibly Mileage Accumulator). It is worth the time to visit the site and just browse through the pictures of all the different makes and models of speedometers they have on their site. I do plan to send the speedometer for the E-M-F to these">Universal Vintage Tires - Here is another tire supplier that offers E-M-F Size tires in all white, all gray and all black. If you need tires for your E-M-F "30", here is a good source. There are no clincher type listed, only straight side type tires.

Stutzman Buggy Shaft & Wheel Works - These guys do real nice work putting new wood into old wheels. I plan on using them for the wheels on my E-M-F.
Contact: Melvin A. Stutzman or Noah Stutzman [pronounced Stootsman]
33650 C. R. 12
Baltic, OH 43804 [SE, about 60 miles from Akron]

Veteran Auto Lamps Website - If you need lamps for your car, or need lamps restored, here is a source. Check out their website. It sure looks like they do nice work. They say of their service "We are up to the stage with tooling for these lamps that we are restoring badly deteriorated lamps, replacing the fonts and font neck, all the glass, nicking the reflectors, repairing all the damage in the body and making new spinnings for the large and second tiers and fitting repro tops." CLICK HERE to see a picture of the 3-tier lamp tops and CLICK HERE to see the new tanks they are making for the 3-tier lamps.

Museum links with E-M-F or Flanders or Everitt Automobiles.

Forney Museum of Transportation - It appears that this museum has a 1912 E-M-F or Flanders runabout. Address: Forney Museum of Transportation 4303 Brighton Boulevard Denver, Colorado 80216 303-297-1113

Manitoba Antique Automobile Museum - This museum has a 1912 E-M-F and Flanders Touring. Address: Manitoba Antique Automobile Museum Box 477 Elkhorn, Manitoba Canada, R0M 0N0

Reynolds - Alberta Museum - This museum has an E-M-F, Flanders, Everitt and Flanders Motorcycle according to its website. I do not know if all the vehicles listed are on display at all times. Here is the Address: Reynolds - Alberta Museum Box 6360, Wetaskinin, AB T9A 2G1 Phone: (780) 361-1351 or (800) 661-4726 Email:

Misc. Interesting Links

Sears Motor Buggy Homepage - This is the website for the Sears Motor Bugy built from late 1908 into 1913. I am also the webmaster of this site.

Rickenbacker Motors Homepage - This is the website for the Rickenbacker automobile. How does this relate to the E-M-F you ask, Well actually several ways. Eddie Rickenbacker, the WW1 flying ace, worked for E-M-F at one time. Also, Mr. Everitt, Mr. Metzger and Mr. Flanders reunited to help form the Rickenbacker Automobile. One last thing is that the webmaster for the Rickenbacker page is a good friend of mine and I have been prodding him to start a page.

Piquette Ford Plant Page - This is the web site for the Ford Piquette plant, which was the birth place of the Ford Model T. Just next door to this plant is the building which was the E-M-F Plant. In 1911, Studebaker purchased the Piquette Ford plant. This is one of the possible sites for the 2009 E-M-F Reunion tour.

Automobile Quarterly - This magazine (or closer to a book) is a great resource for the antique car lover. Check out their back issues. Volume 17 number 4 from 1979 has a great article on the E-M-F.

Don Marsh's "Tips on Auto Body WoodWork". - Here is the link to the manual I bought for re-wooding my E-M-F. If you have wood to redo, you should get this. Lots of great tips.

Old Car Price Guide - Want to know what your car is worth? Here is a page that may help you get an idea. I make no claims to the accuracy. HAVE FUN!!!

Website of the Society of Automotive Historians, Inc. - If you are into the history of automobiles, this is a good site to check out. Lots of interesting reading.

Midwest Old Threshers Reunion - by Stubert - If you are into history, the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant Iowa is for you. This is a site built by a fan of the reunion. I will be displaying my E-M-F at this show when it is completed.

Pre War Car - This is a great site with lots of great reading. I strongly recommend visiting and book-marking this site.

The Frontenac Motor Company - This is a site dealing mostly with Model T Fords, but if you look around a bit, you will find some E-M-F Stuff. Check out the "Outings" link.

Auto Geek - Web Auto Directory - A nice online car related site.

Brass cars in Sweden - Check out all the great Brass era cars. There is an E-M-F Roadster among them.

Early American Automobile - This site has many pages of great early automobile photos. You must check it out.

From Maine to Mexico - Tom Helling is a guy I went to school with from 1st grade through High School. He accepted Christ as his savior a few years ago and is now carrying a cross from Maine to Mexico as a way to get closer to God, and trying to do God's will along the way. I am also the webmaster for this site. Check it out and follow his journey.

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