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So you want to how the restoration of the Rear End for my E-M-F Automobile is going? Well, you have found the right page.

Thursday, July 3, 2003 4:41 PM

Rear End in chassis.
This is the rear end/trans axle before removal from the chassis. Click on the picture to see the full size.

This will be the first entry on the rear end page. Though I do not plan to do much with the rear end for quite a while, I did spend some time in the garage cleaning off dirt and grease to see if I could find any evidence of the original color of the rear end.

I have been told that the axles on this car should be gray with black or blue stripping. That is not what I found on my rear end. I have also seen many other cars with the aluminum part of the rear end unpainted. Even E-M-F Documentation appears to show the aluminum part unpainted. That is also not what I found.

The pictures below show that the rear end was all painted a dark color and stripped in a lighter color. It appeared to my eyes that the colors were black base with gray stripes, but the photos make the base look blue with almost yellow stripping. I will go back out and clean the area a bit better and get in there with better light to see if I can verify the actual color.

I was very pleased to find this paint. I did not expect to find so much of it. I will take time to map out were all the stripping is so that I can put it back in the correct positions when I restore the rear end. I will also place the stripping diagrams on these pages when they are available for future reference.

This was a great discovery for me because I now have a better idea in my head what the final product will look like, and I have further evidence of just how original this car is. Stay tuned for more.

Differential showing stipes. Axle Tube showing stripes
This is the differential housing on the rear end with some of the dirt/grease and grime removed. Notice the original paint including the stripping. Click on the picture to see the full size. This is the left axle housing on the rear end also showing the original paint and stripping. Similar stripes were found on the right side. The picture makes the base color look blue, but I believe it is black with gray stripes. Click on the picture to see the full size.

Friday, July 4, 2003 11:46 AM

Took some time this morning to clean up the areas I looked at yesterday. first I used a cleanser, then I used a rubbing compound, then a wax to try to get the true color. I then got a trouble light back there and looked. The base color is definitely black with a gray stripe. I also asked my neighbor for his opinion and my wife for hers. They agree with me. So that is what I will paint it. Black and striped in gray.

Sunday, July 15, 2012 4:45 PM

New ring and pinion gears
Newly machined ring nd pinion gears. Click on the picture to see the full size.
One of the other E-M-F Owners was making a run of ring and pinion gears so I decided that I should get a set while they were available.

The rear transaxle is the weak spot of the E-M-F and I am not sure what the state of mine is at this point. I know it is functioning right now, but I may get it open and find major damage. At least if I do, I will have a new ring and pinion.

Even though I am not able to make much, if any progress on the rest of the car, at least I can get some of the parts I am still missing, or aquire parts needed for the restoration.

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